Durable Goods

Durable Goods - Defining

Durable Goods or Durable Products or Hard Goods are products which are either consumed and used or disposed and destroyed after serving usefulness for a long period of time in future.Durables consumption change according to the market.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Non Durable Goods-Explained

Non Durable Goods-Explaining the Meaning

In contrast to durable goods,a non durable good is an equipment which are used or consumed for only a short span of time are called Non Durable Goods or Soft Goods.Though there is no definite time span as to how long a non durable goods will last but a general consensus has been reached that any goods,service or equipment either household or official,self owned or leased,which last for less than three years can be classified as a non durable good.

Some common examples of non durable goods are food items,apparels etc.Though in some cases apparels are considered as Semi Durable Goods as well.

Which is better Durable Goods or Non Durable Goods?

It depends completely on to your choice and discretion,but if you are looking for long term Investment then Durable Goods is your answer but if you are considering short term use or consumption then go for non durable goods.

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